Allison Ford

My Top Priority is Making You Look Good! Your Audience Will Thank You--That's My Promise. 


What I do for you: 

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1) I show up early.

2) I am a dream to work with--not kidding--I am into community and respect, it's my jam :)

3) I ask you about the specific lingo that will best connect with your audience. I customize each talk. I know an audience loves the feeling that I already know them, their struggle, and their makes all the difference. 

4) I post a live video on my social spaces talking about your company, event, or cause. 

5) I let my list know about it as well. 

6) I make certain I am prepared. My family understands this. My body understands this. My mind understands this.  And we are all on the same page--commitment to the craft is my way of life.