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Do you feel like you've lost your Momjo? AKA Mom Mojo. Like you used to be free, you used to have time for yourself, and you used to me one sexy Mother...

Do you look at our youth today and think...I am scared for my kids, and I want to teach them to be grounded--but I'm not sure how to do it? 

Each Module has the following...

Intro Video Lesson

PDF with case you're not a reader :)

A Mom Calendar Layout

A Mom Plan of Action Sheet

Support from me! 

I will be in the Private FB Group after we are scheduled to finish the lesson! 

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Do you have a partner who does not help you? And many times you are mentally roasting them in your mind? 

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I need a little more information...

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Do you feel like sex is a chore? And you got enough of those... 

If you answered yes--to one or more of left inner need Motherhood MBA. 

This course will change your whole Motherhood Game! 

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