Mother Like Hell: Why we ALL need to Mother Ourselves, First...

This talk is about how we care for ourselves. How we embark upon a notion that we may have never learned from any woman, any baby book, or any article. 

That is...can we Mother ourselves? How do we do it, and what does it bring up about our actual Mother. Does she still hold a space for us? 

The talk answers that question in detail, and reveals a new way to look at how, who, and why we must Mother this World. 


Allison Ford


Our Tribe Needs a Makeover

This talk is a bit saucy!  It explores the 21st century Tribes we find ourselves in, as women. How we sometimes come together for the wrong reasons, and how we shift our powerful energy in another direction. 

I offer new ways to connect, new ways of looking at how we show up, and doing something we often don't....address the Elephant in the room on why we need to clean our mess--and begin to really unite. 

If you're looking for a talk that demands attention--this is it! 

Stop demanding, Start Inspiring:

Why Teachers Know How to Create More Sales and a Stronger Culture Better Than Any CEO

Bring me to your corporate/sales event and let me offer something fresh, funny, and fantastic! A perspective they know and love, but with a new lens. This talk is packed with humor, interaction, and sales hacks. 

As a former high school teacher, I understood sales before I realized I was even selling. When I became an entrepreneur, I came to realize I understood so much about my target audience, how to sell them on anything, sell over and over, and establish a long, lasting relationship...all while I was creating a community around that product. 

I share the secrets I created--and the ones I took from my fellow teachers (we like to share)--and reveal what it takes to create a community that leads! I do it within my business and within my home. And now, I can sell my clients, my kids, and my husband on just about anything! The goal is for them to live, promote, and expand the message for you, and say, "We did it ourselves." 


Why You Matter

This talk explores what holds our younger generation back.  How they can use their experience as leverage, and how they can tap into a mindset that works. I leave them with an actual road map to jump start the small things that lead to a BIG impact. 

As a former high school teacher and coach, I understand this population. I speak their language, and I understand what they face academically, with their peer groups, and at home.  This fosters an instant connection--and that allows a window into them receiving this powerful message. I know they need visuals, they need to be entertained, and they need to laugh when they are learning. I make sure to offer all that, and more. 

What Holds Us Back, and How We Stop That Whole Mess!

This is a motivational talk that goes deep into feeling stuck. I share my personal story with the audience on how I too, was stuck, and felt hopeless. How I made all of the practical and essential decisions...only to find I had missed out on what I really wanted out of life. 

This talk is filled with humor, props, movement, and solutions towards getting unstuck. I give the audience real practices to break away from old habits, to tap into their creativity, and how to set up an ecosystem that allows for that to happen! ​