Allison Ford

Motivational Yoga is a Vinyasa Flow with a deliberate aligned theme, connected to the flow. I create a talk, and an intention, and an aligned flow just for your group. 

I reinforce the values, habits, and rituals you are asking of them. I speak with you about your group. What are their strengths? Where do they need to improve? I get information about your group in the same way I get information from an event organizer who is bringing me on their stage.

It's important that I represent your values, your desired outcomes, all while I am speaking their language. As a leader, you know how valuable variety can be for a group working towards a common goal. For the outcome or group vision to be presented to them in various forms, and this is where I come in. 

I present your concept to them in a fresh and incredibly present sense...

Maybe they need to work in the area of communication? 

Maybe your group is struggling with sales, and they need to create a mind body connection to assist with confidence? 

Maybe they are struggling to find their courage, their inner warrior? 

I use my two skill sets, and infuse them into a practice that will inspire and re-connect your group. 

This is because I am a Motivational Speaker by day, and Yoga Instructor, by night...or maybe mid-day! 

You tell me what they need most, and I take it from there. They will leave their mat with clarity, ease, and solutions!! I make it my business to work it all out with them on the mat. 


I also offer Motivational Yoga for...

Women's Groups

What is Motivational Yoga and Why Does Your Group Need it? 

2  1/2 Hour Workshop


And also...


90 Minute Flow

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Corporate Offices

You! Private One-to-One Sessions

I offer Motivational Yoga For the Following Increments 

​​Live Yoga Dance Fusion Workshop with Allison Ford

Upcoming Yance Workshops!

*Prices Vary Depending on Your Location and Group Size. I offer the option of a flat rate, or individual studio split 70/30--assured the workshop will have 15 or more students. 

​60 Minute Flow




If you're ready to give yourself or your group a shot of inspiration, let's connect and get it done!